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Our library space is accessible to all. All are welcome. Staff and students utilize the learning environment that is flexible, collaborative, personalized and promotes student achievement and well-being. 

Our library collection is diverse and rooted in literacy, with a focus on materials that represent our school community. Our collection engages students, allowing them to critically question while becoming globally aware. Check out a book in person or virtually. 

I am thrilled to be the teacher-librarian here at William Dunbar. I look forward to helping students become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information!  It is an exciting role to fulfill as I get the opportunity to work with all the students in the school in a variety of capacities. 

Students will regularly be accessing the library to sign out books.  I'll also be meeting with some classes at various times to teach them how to find and use resources and technology, facilitate literature circles, appreciate literature, and more. 

A. Wurster

Primary Schedule

Day 1 - Beletsky Gr. 1/2 (period 3) 

Day 2 - Lajos Gr. 3/4 (period 5), Barrett/Farrell FDK (period 7)

Day 3 - Davis/Zung FDK (period 4) 

Day 4 - Marcos Gr. 2 (period 6), Pulenzas/Dunseith FDK (period 7)

Day 5 - Cummings Gr. 3 (period 4), Kehoe Gr. 1 (period 5)

 Battle of the Books 

For 2021, Battle of the Books is being offered as an individual competition. It is run by the Durham public libraries. They are using last year's book lists. More information is at


Here is information on how it has run in the past:

Battle of the Books is a chance for students to be part of a team that reads selected titles then competes against other schools.  

William Dunbar has a Junior (grades 4-6) and Senior (grades 7-8) team.

Beginning in December we meet once a week at lunch to practice answering questions  for "BOB." It's great to see the students so enthusiastic about books and quizzing each other about titles, authors, and book content.

Competition dates are as follows:

- Junior Semi-Final

- Senior Semi-Final

- Finals (Junior & Senior)

- Regional Finals (Jr & Sr) *evening

For more information, check out the website at

 Forest of Reading
The Forest of Reading is a wonderful program organized by the Ontario Library Association. It promotes literacy and encourages a love of reading. The Forest program celebrates Canadian books, authors, illustrators, and publishers. The list of nominated titles for 2020-2021 came out in October. There are various programs depending upon grade. Mrs. Wurster shares the Blue Spruce books with primary students in their weekly library period. Students in other grades are invited to come and join the program. They need to read a minimum of 5 of the 10 books per category to be eligible to vote in the spring!
 Blue Spruce (FDK to Grade 3)
 Silver Birch Express (Grades 3-4)
 Silver Birch Fiction (Grades 5-6)
 Red Maple Fiction (Grades 7-8)
 Yellow Cedar Non-Fiction (Grades 4-8)