About Us

William Dunbar Public School is located in Pickering, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Mission statement

Striving Together to Reach Our Potential

Principal’s message

Welcome to William Dunbar Public School.

About WDPS: 

The focus of our school community is to develop each student’s potential, establish life-long learning practices and habits of mind, and nurture a balance between all aspects of a student’s life.  Our energetic and dynamic team provides a myriad of in- and out-of-class activities that promote creative, critical and innovative thinking, global citizenship and student well-being. We value student voice, participation and leadership.  Our student-centred programming is differentiated and aims to orchestrate a balance of opportunities for active inquiry-based learning within a safe, inclusive, respectful and enthusiastic learning environment.  Our purpose is to connect students to authentic learning experiences, develop responsible citizens and foster community leaders.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

In addition to outstanding daily academic programming, our team hopes to offer an active extra-curricular program of sports, arts-based activities and clubs that run before, during and after school hours. We believe it is essential to provide our students with multiple opportunities to develop collaborative and leadership skills, both in the classroom and beyond.  

We encourage all students from Primary through to Intermediate to participate actively in a variety of activities to develop new interests, talents and appreciation of others. 

School Community Council (SCC)

William Dunbar is fortunate to have an active and engaged SCC. Members meet regularly to provide advice to our school administration on school initiatives, plan and implement activities that support our school community, and offer opportunities for our families to participate together.  We encourage and welcome new members and hope you will be actively involved.